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Riwayat Prabu Kian Santang Masuk Islam

Riwayat Prabu Kian Santang Masuk Islam
oleh Prabu Kiansantang Gagaklumayung

Saya akan mencoba menceriterakan riwayat singkat pendekar gagak lumayung masuk islam, yang saya dapatkan riwayat ini dari maha guru, hanya mungkin ada sedikit perbedaan dengan yang menuliskan sejarah gagak lumayung sebelumnya.

awal ceritera sama dengan yang lainnya yaitu pendekar gagak lumayung adalah pendekar tiada tanding karena ilmu kanuragannya yang dahsyat.....dan seterusnya2

kata maha guru ....setelah gagak lumayung mendapat berita secara lahir dan bathin perihal ada orang yang akan mengalahkannya pada suatu waktu. betul kata semua penulis sejarah namanya sa syaidina ali di tanah arab.

tidak lama ..kemudian gagak lumayung atau ki an san tang langsung menuju tanah arab.. dengan menggunakan arah kompas bathinnya, kurang lebih 14 hari dan ilmu yang digunakan.. ilmu ngapung ngawang ngawang, nerus bumi dan napak sancang serta ilmu kadigjayaan lainnya.

singkat ceritera..menurut riwayat... bertemulah dengan syaidina ali dan kalahlah gagak lumayung atau kian san tang, dengan kekalahan tersebut maka berhasratlah beliau untuk berguru ke syaidina ali, dan kiansantang gagak lumayung bertanya kepada syaidina ali tentang ilmu apa yang digunakan untuk mengalahkan kesaktiannya, kalau tidak salah syaidina ali menjawab ilmu islam ( aslama )

tentang hasrat kian santang mau berguru ilmu islam.... syaidina ali menjawab kalo tidak salah.. kurang lebih begini ... boleh, tetapi gurunya bukan saya, tetapi syaidina Muhammad ( kalo dilihat dari tahun masehi atau hijriah ini ceretera berjarak jauh... gagak lumayung ...gengan syaidina ali dan kang jeng nabi Muhammad ).

singkat ceritera menurut paparan riwayat dari maha guru... gagak lumayung dipertemukan dengan kangjeng nabi Muhammad, tidak diceriterakan obrolannya.. akhirnya gagak lumayung atau kiansantang di Tiban Dua Kalimah Syahadat Haq.... setelah beberapa hari di Tiban Syahadat, kiansantang berpamitan untuk pulang lagi ke tempat asal yakni tanah jawa pasundaan....namun ketika mau berangkat dengan menggunakan aji nerus mubi, napak sancang dan ngapung ngawang2 serta ilmu lainnya tidak bisa pulang... masuk ketanah tidak bisa, berdiri di air tidak bisa dan juga terbang pun tidak bisa malah beliau lang sung jatuh.... kiansantang bingung, heran...kenapa ilmunya sekarang tidak berfungsi... su"uzon lah kiansantang ..mungkin ilmu islam ini sihir yang menghapus ilmu2nya.

kiansantang bertanya kepada kangjeng nabi dan syaidina ali perihal pengalamannya mau pulang itu... tersenyumlah kangjeng nabi... dan kangjeng mengisyaratkan untuk membaca Dua kalimat syahat dan pejamkan mata... pada hitungan ke tiga..mata kiansantang dibuka dan terheran kian santang karena dirinya sudah berada ditanah kelahirannya.

sadarlah kian santang ... dan yakin sekali bahwa ilmu islam ( aslama ) sangat sakti tiada tanding....sehingga timbul hasrat untuk mengajak orang tuanya memeluk ISLAM ( aslama }... dan ceretera selanjutnya hampir sama dengan penulis lainnya. ...mohon maaf kepada semua penulis sejarah kalau ada sedikit perbedaan....ini saya tulis karena ceritera riwayat guru yang bijak.
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Mohammad SAW

Encyclopedia Britannica
"A large number of early sources show that he is someone who is honest and virtuous well-respected and obeyed the people who seem (both honest and virtuous) (Vol. 12)"

Mahatma Gandhi (Commentaries on the character of Muhammad in YOUNG INDIA):

"Ever wonder who I figure that most affect human ... I am more than convinced that it's not the sword that gives greatness of Islam in his time. But he comes from simplicity, modesty, prudence, Muhammad, and extraordinary devotion to his friends and followers, his determination, courage, and faith in God and his duty. All this (and not a sword) get rid of all obstacles. When I closed the last page of volume 2 (biography of Muhammad), I was sad because nothing else was left of his life story is great. "

Sir George Bernard Shaw (The Genuine Islam, 'Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936.) "If any religion is a chance to master English - and even Europe - a few hundred years from now, Islam was the religion."

"I always respect the religion of Muhammad because of its potential. This is the only religion which to me has the ability to unite and changing civilization. I've studied Muhammad - a figure that is far from great personal impression of an anti-christ, he must be called 'the savior of humanity'. "

"I'm sure, if people like Muhammad holds the sole power in the modern world, he will successfully solve all the problems so that it brings peace and happiness the world needs: Ramalanku, which brought the accepted belief in the future of Europe and indeed he has started to receive European current "

"He was the greatest man who ever set foot on this earth. He brought a religion, founded a nation, laid down a moral code, initiated numerous social and political reform movement, established a strong and dynamic society to carry out and represent the whole teaching, and he also has revolutionized the mind and human behavior for the whole period to come.

He is Muhammad (SAW). He was born in Arabia in the year 570 BC, started his mission of preaching the religion of Truth, Islam (submission to God) at the age of 40 and leave this world at age 63.

Throughout the period of his Prophethood that short (23 years) he has changed the Arabian Peninsula from paganism and become the devotee devotee being the One God, from war and disunity among the tribes into a united nation, from the drunks and vandals to be the thinkers and the patient, from the not arbitrate and anarchy to organized, from the majesty of moral depravity. Human history has never known transformation of a society or place sedahsyat this - and imagine it happening within a period of just over TWO DECADES.


My choice to put Muhammad on the top may surprise everyone, but he is the only person who had good success at the level of secular or religious. (P. 33). Lamar tine, a leading historian states that:
"If greatness of purpose, size of facilities provided to achieve those goals, and astounding results are achieved the benchmark of human genius, who would dare compare any great figure in modern history with Muhammad? Famous men created arms, laws and empires only. They are just creating more than material powers which often crumbled away before their eyes.

This man moved not only armies, legislation, empires, peoples and dynasties, but millions of men in two-thirds of the world; more than that, he has turned the altars of worship, god, religion, thoughts, beliefs and souls ... patience in victory and ambition that is dedicated to one goal without at all eager to build power-sembahyangnya prayer, dialogue with God, his death and its triumphs (his followers) after his death, all his people carry conviction until he has the power to restore a dogma. The dogma which teaches oneness and the magic (immateriality) of God that teaches who the real God. He rid of false gods with the power and introducing a real god with the policy.

A philosopher who is also an orator, Apostle (hawariyyun, 12 people were followers of Jesus-pen.), Soldiers, lawyers, conqueror of ideas, pegembali rational dogmas of a doctrine without pengidolaan, founder of the 20 kingdoms of the earth and a spiritual kingdom, is Muhammad. Of all the standards of how a human greatness is measured, perhaps we should ask: is there any that are greater than he? "

(Lamar tine, Histoire DE LA TURQUIE, Paris, 1854, Vol. II, pp 276-277)

"The world has witnessed many great personalities. However, of these were people who succeed in one or two areas, such as religious or military. Life and teachings of these people are often enveloped in mists of time and age. So much speculation about the time and place of their birth, their ways and lifestyle, nature and detail of their teachings and the degree and measure of their success so difficult for humans to reconstruct the lives and teachings of these men.

Not so with this guy. Muhammad (pbuh) accomplished so much in such diverse fields of human thought and behavior in the fullest blaze of human history. Every detail of private life and public utterances has been accurately documented and faithfully preserved to this day. Authenticity of his teaching was so awake, not only because of searches done loyal followers but also by its opponents.

Muhammad was a religious teacher, social reformer, a moral guide, loyal friend, fun friend, a loving husband and a loving father - all in one. No longer human beings in the history of exceeding or even match it in every aspect of life - just like her personality was like this can be achieved greatness. "

K. S. RAO Ramakrishna, Professor of Philosophy in bookletnya, "Muhammad, The Prophet of Islam"

Personality of Muhammad, hhmm very difficult to describe precisely. I was only able to catch a glimpse of it: how he is a beautiful painting. You can see the Prophet Muhammad, Muhammad the warrior, the businessman Muhammad, Muhammad the statesman, the orator Muhammad, Muhammad the reformer, Muhammad was the protector orphan, Muhammad the slave protector, the defender of women's rights Muhammad, Muhammad the judge, Mohammed the religious leaders. In each role before, he was a hero.

Today, 14 centuries later, the life and teachings of Muhammad remain safe, nothing is lost or changed a bit. The doctrine that offers a glimmer of hope for any lasting about drug humanitarian disease that exists and has existed since the time of his life. This is not the claims of his followers but also an inevitable conclusion of a critical historical analysis and unbiased.

PROF. (Snouck) Hurgronje:

League of nations that founded the Muslim prophet has laid the foundations of international unity and human brotherhood on which illuminate the universal foundation for other nations. The proof, until now no one nation in the world who can match the achievements of Islam to realize the idea of ??unity of nations.

The world has many familiar with the concept of God, has many individuals who live and mission vanished into legend. History shows not a single match this legend that even some of what Muhammad accomplished. The whole soul of his body he was devoted to one goal: to unite people in devotion to God in the rules of moral elevation.

Muhammad or his followers never in the history reveals that he is the son of God or reincarnation of God or an incarnation of God - he's always been since ancient till now considered himself and was regarded by followers as a chosen messenger of God.

Thomas Carlyle in his HEROES AND HEROWORSHIP

"(How amazing) one man alone can change the tribes who fought each other and nomads (Bedouin) into a nation's most advanced and most civilized in less than two decades."

"Lies of the Western propaganda that diselimutkan to this man (Muhammad) is only embarrass ourselves."

"A figure of a quiet spirit, one that inevitably must be upheld. He was created to enlighten the world, that commands the Creator of the World. "

EDWARD SIMON OCKLEY Gibbon and speaking on the profession of ISLAM write:

"'I believe that God is singular and that Muhammad is His messenger' is a confession of the truth of Islam are simple and uniform. God never humiliated by idol-worship kemakhlukan; respect for the Prophet was never turned into a cult of excessive, and the principles of his life had given him the respect of his followers within the bounds of reason and religion (HISTORY OF THE Saracen Empires, London, 1870, p . 54).

Muhammad is no more than an ordinary human. But he is a man with a noble mission to unite men in devotion to the one and only one God and to teach an honest and upright life according to God's command. He always described himself as 'servant and messenger of God' and thus also every action.

Sarojini Naidu, the famous poet of India (S. Naidu, Ideals OF ISLAM, vide Speeches & Writings, Madras, 1918, p. 169):

This is the first religion that preached and practiced democracy; in every mosque, when the call to prayer echoed and the congregation had gathered, democracy in Islam realized five times a day when a servant and a king kneel side by side and admit: 'Allah is Great' ... I am amazed again and again by the unity of Islam that makes man instinctively a brother.

Diwan Chand SHARMA:

"Muhammad is a benevolent figure, his influence dirasakkan and never forgotten the people closest.
(DC Sharma, The Prophets OF THE EAST, Calcutta, 1935, pp. 12)

James A. Michener, "Islam: The misunderstood Religion," in Reader's Digest (American edition), May 1955, pp. 68-70.
Muhammad, an inspiration who founded Islam, was born in the year 570 AD in pagan Arab society. Orphans small since he specifically gives attention to the poor, orphans and widows, as well as slave and the weak. At the age of 20 years, he has become a successful businessman, and became business manager of a rich widow. When we reach the age of 25, the employer
melamarnya.Meski women aged over 15 years old he married her and remained faithful to him throughout the life of the wife.

"Like other prophets, Muhammad started his prophetic duties with sembunyi2 and ragu2 recognizing weaknesses. But the "Read" is a command that obtained,-and although until recently it was believed that Muhammad could not read and write - and out of her mouth one sentence that will soon change the world: "There is no god but God."

"In any case, Muhammad was a forward sense. When his son, Ibrahim, died along with eclipse his community and raises the assumption that it is a manifestation of God condolences to him, Muhammad said: "The eclipse is a common natural occurrence, are foolishness to link him to the death or birth of a human being."

"Shortly after he died, some of his followers want to worship him as God's revered, but his leadership successors (Abu Bakr-pen.) Dismissed his community desires it with one of the most beautiful religious speech of all time: 'If there is diatara you who worship Muhammad, then know that he had died. But if you want to worship God, know that He lives forever. "
(Paragraph related: Q. S. Al Imran, 144 - pen.)

W. Montgomery Watt, MOHAMMAD AT Mecca, Oxford, 1953, p. 52.
"Readiness to take the challenge of his conviction, the moral elevation of his followers, as well as remarkable achievements - all point to its integrity. Thinking Muhammad as a charlatan just give the problem and not an answer. More than that, no great figure who portrayed so badly in the West other than Muhammad "

Annie Besant, THE LIFE AND Teachings OF MUHAMMAD, Madras, 1932, P.4.
"It is impossible for someone who memperlajari character of the Prophet The Arabs, who knows how his teaching and how her life to feel other than respect for him, one of His messengers. And though in all that I have described many of the things that seem ordinary, but every time I reread his stories, each time I mersakan admiration and reverence for the Arab Nation is The Teacher. "

Bosworth Smith, MOHAMMAD AND MOHAMMADANISM, London, 1874, p. 92.
"He is a blend of Caesar and Pope, but he is the Pope without pretensinya and a Caesarean without Legionnaire her: without an army, without a bodyguard, without a palace, without pengahasilan remains: if there is a human being who deserves to say that he was the representative of God ruler of the world, Muhammad was the man, because he has the power even though he did not have any instruments or backers. "

John William Draper, MD, LLD, A History of the Intellectual Development of Europe, London 1875, Vol.1, pp.329-330
"Four years after the death of Justinian, in 569 AD, was born in Mecca Arabia a very large human influence on mankind. Muhammad "

John Austin, "Muhammad the Prophet of Allah," in TP 'S and Cassel's Weekly for 24th September 1927.
Within little more than a year, he has been a leader in Medina. The two hands holding a lever that is ready to shake the world.

Professor Jules Masserman
"Pasteur and Salk are leaders in one respect (intellectually-pen). Gandhi and Confucius on other things as well as Alexander, Caesar and Hitler was probably the leader on the second and third categories (religious and military pen.). Jesus and Buddha may be only the second category. Perhaps the greatest leader of all time is Muhammad, who succeed in all three categories. In a smaller scale Moses did the same.

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In this 21st century not a few religious people, both Muslim and outside the religion of Islam might be looking for what, who, how, where etc.. about the worship of the god and this question is always inherent in his mind, so sometimes they become stuck on their spiritual questions sediri. Are you also include them?, If you answered YES, then you should not say anything but you have to keep looking and looking on your behalf and scriptures that guide your life.

Remember, O my brother, especially the religion of Islam, our Prophet Muhammad SAW said. Awalludinni makhrifatullohitaala. and this knowledge should be found.

"Those who pursue a way to acquire knowledge, then God will make it easier for him the path to heaven. It is not a people gathered at the house of God, read the book of Allah and studying it, nicaya down to their tranquility, mercy covers them, the angels gathered around him and Allah mentions them in the presence of beings who are in His sight. "(Narrated by Muslim .)

Islam is a religion that makes scientific tradition as a mode of civilization. No other religions which make the process of seeking knowledge as a liability for its adherents, except Islam. Sebagimana has diriwatkan from Anas bin Malik from the Prophet Muhammad Sholallahu'alaihi Radhiallahu'anhu yours respectfully, he said,
"Seeking knowledge is fardhu (compulsory) upon every Muslim."
(Narrated Ahmad and Ibn Majah).

The obligation contains several consequences, one of which is any element of coercion if a person does not want to do anything in search of knowledge. Not one, but really wonderful if we could bring love in the process of seeking knowledge. As we find many hadith-hadith Rosullah that shows love of God to the seeker of knowledge. Look at how God gives the reward of Heaven to them, not even just that. God promises paradise that differ only by one degree with the Prophet. [1] God also showed his love by deploying an angel to guide seekers of knowledge. How happy they are because of the angels lay their wings to those who seek knowledge.

"Verily, the angels really put wings to those who seek knowledge, because reconciliation to what he was looking,"
(Narrated Al-Imam Ahmad and Ibn Majah).

Prophet illustrate that the excess above the knowledgeable experts such as excess worship the moon on full moon night of all stars
during the full moon, the moon shining meet space in the corners of the earth with a bright light.

That person knowledgeable, his heart will shine brighter careful man of darkness. Bright soul will provide guidance for those who pursue a path of divine truth ...
"Are the same people who know people who do not know?" (Az-Zumar: 9)

In his commentary, Sayyid Qutb states that science is right makhrifat, an understanding of truth, is opening the eyes of the heart, and an association with a variety of robust nature in this universe. Science knowledge is not a stand-alone, separate and just fill in reason, that is not up to the various nature of the universe, and do not reach what is in balilk a reality.

"Allah will exalt those who believe among you and those who were given some degree of science." (Al-Mujadillah: 11)
Science that nurture the soul, and he was generous and obedient. Then faith and science is mengatarkan a user to a high degree with Allah. This degree mereupakan given in exchange for a place on the premises like the heart and obedience to the commands of Allah.

If God really loves the seekers of knowledge, why do not we change the way we interact with science? do not let us to study just because they had to or because of worldly ambition. Love science, because love can only be achieved with love, while science is one manifestation of love of God to creatures. Science is also light, he will not enter the caution in which there is servitude to the material.

Exsample struggle of Imam al-Tabari in search of knowledge. He was born from poor families but the spirit in search of knowledge is never impeded by the limitations of the family economy. His father is able to evoke love of science, so that when he was only 7 years old he had memorized the Qur'an and in the age of 9 he began seriously studying the hadith. When turn 12 years old (236H), al-Tabari released his father to begin a long adventure out of his homeland to seek knowledge that would later menobatkannya as a leading scholar of the works of magnitude is still admired and studied.

Finding true science will not allow the search process was tainted by the act which will cause the loss of keberkahaan science. He did not seek fame and title alone, so a really loves science will never stop learning even though he was already getting a pile of titles, because that is not its main purpose. People who mencitai science will always long to find something new and apply it in everyday life and a strong desire to share them with others. Seekers of knowledge are not selfish people who want to keep their knowledge to themselves.

Science will only open itself to the people who really fight. So do not be surprised if the obstacles and challenges in the search for knowledge is so varied and plentiful. A lover of science will not easily let alone to surrender to despair. The struggle to find God's wisdom in ocean science is is a jihad that demands sacrifice of body and soul, moral and material, because heaven can not be bought cheaply.

Travel along the contours of wisdom in a sea of ​​Thy knowledge
It is a love that never ends
The love that gave me wings
To greet thy flying
Love on top of love
Who sow strength
Giving hope
To be able to look at your

Kalam-Kalam Wisdom invites us to reflect deeply on the definition of charity, qadha and Qadar, destiny and fate, endeavor, prayer and the promise of God Almighty, which are all spiritual educate for the enormity of what he saw bestowed by God Almighty to his servants Spiritual educated this way will form a charitable attitude, without looking to practice it, instead seeing it as a gift deeds of God Almighty who must be grateful ..

An educated person like this no longer make demands on God Almighty, but opened his conscience to accept taufik and guidance from God Almighty
People whose hearts are pure clean will receive emission Nur Sir and his eyes will see the nature that Allah is the Most Venerable, Blessed and Most High is not likely to be encountered and identified, except if he would be found and identified.

There is no science and charity that is able to convey a person to Allah There is no way to know God Almighty God Almighty only be recognized when he introduces 'himself'.
The discovery of the essence that there is no way that sticking to the gate makrifat a peak that can be achieved by science. Science can not go any further than that. If to know and acknowledge that there is no road or ladder that can reach Allah swt then someone is no longer rely on science and charity, especially to science and charity of others.

When you get here someone had no choice but surrender to Allah swt disepenuhnya
There are people who knocked on the gate makrifat with prayer. If the door is not open so his spirit will decline to take him to despair.
There are also people who hold the promise of Allah Almighty that He will open his way to his servant who was struggling in his way. There is strong he is doing a good deed for him more worthy to receive karnuia God Almighty as His promises.
He uses the power of righteous deeds to knock on the gate makrifat. If the door does not open too, then he will feel sad. In the course of looking for someone makrifat possibility can not be separated from the feeling of being hesitant, weak spirit and berputusasa if she was relying on something other than God Almighty

A slave no choice but to submit to God Almighty, only He has the absolute power in determining who among His servants who deserve to identify himself. Science and charity only be used to form a heart surrendered to Allah swt
Aslim or surrender yourself to God Almighty is stopping in front of the gate makrifat. Only the servants who reach the rest of this Aslim that likely receive karnuia makrifat. Almighty God deliver His servants here is a sign that the slave is prepared to meet Him.

Aslim is a border station with Allah Who came to this station must continue to immerse themselves into the lake of delivery regardless of much or little knowledge and a charity he had. Had Allah wills from the station of this servant was appointed to His Presence. The road to stop Aslim to the gate makrifat are generally divided into two parts.
The first road is called street people who are looking for two named roads and street people are looking for.
People who find going through the way in which he strongly do Mujahadah (struggling against the temptations of lust), robust perform acts of worship and love to study.

Outwardly busy carrying out the demands of re-enforce the Shari'a and inner faith. Learn and know the properties of the blame and try mengikiskannya from him.
Then loaded with the praiseworthy qualities.
Studied travel and melatihkan his lust for lust become increasingly sacred to increase the diridhoi ketahap Here is a man of God Almighty Allah narrated to his word:
"And those who strive to (seek keridhoan) We really will We show them Our streets. And verily Allah is with those who do good.." (Surah Al-'Ankabut paragraph 69).

People who bermujahadah in the way of Allah Almighty in a way to study, practice knowledge is required, multiplied worship, dhikr, purify the liver, then Allah shows the way by giving hidayat taufik and so open to him the atmosphere of surrender to Allah without hesitation and pleasure with the treatment of Allah swt
He was brought up to the gate makrifat and only God Almighty alone who determine whether people were going to be brought into His presence or not, given makrifat or not. Group of people who sought a different path than the group who are looking for. People who sought not inclined to study or do charity with diligence. He lived as a layman without earnestness bermujahadah. However, Allah has set a spiritual position to him, then fate will put him up to the predetermined position. People in this group are usually faced with an event which necessarily bring change to his life.
Changes in attitudes and behavior of a sudden force. Events that happen to him is always shaped the exam that decided to do with something that is a barrier of them by God Almighty When he was a king who led his kingdom burden he was unable to approach God Almighty, God Almighty revoke the kingdom from him.

Terlepaslah him from the expense and at the same time be an awareness in his heart that made him surrender himself to Allah with all his heart.
Had he a tycoon, destiny will diminish his property so he had nothing to depend upon except God himself. Had he dignitary, destiny and join revoke position is deprived of its glory, is also replaced with the humiliation that he had no place to go again except to God Almighty They returned with great humility to Allah and their hearts atmosphere arises in the delivery or Aslim really against God Almighty Submission that does not expect anything than the creatures made them pleased with what fate and treatment of God Almighty
The atmosphere here makes them up quickly to stop the gate of science and charity makrifat although they are still small. People who walk with disaster reinforcements capable vehicles to stop within a moment while people are looking for perhaps up to the door makrifat in a long time.

Abu Hurairah ra told me what he heard from the Messenger of Allah He said that meant: He said: "If I test My servants who believe and then he did not complain to the visitor, visitors then I remove him from the shackles, and I replaced him meat and blood better than the first, and he may renew its charitable causes and has forgiven all. "

Charitable goodness and knowledge are not able to take him to the position of spirituality that has been ordained by God Almighty, then God Almighty with His grace exam wearing a disaster that drew reinforcements quickly to the position of border with Almighty God therefore do not need to be questioned about the practice and science if circumstances this happened to a servant.


Creed sentence ************* ***************** TWO

Religious creed of Islam consists of two sentences, namely Ashadualla Ashaduanna ilahailallah and Messenger Muhammad. This implies that these words express faith in God with the realization that God is a WITNESS One and a mandatory worship and become WITNESS also that Muhammad is truly God's messengers and errand boy in the universe which includes seven layers of heaven and the seven layers of earth .

Brother, is not easy and not too hard to pronounce two sentences our creed, we see and hear little children with their easy to say that sentence and not a few adults who are hard to pronounce sentence, the instances when a leleki who want to marry a woman, where at the front of the prince of wedlock, they are hard to pronounce two sentences creed until maybe three times a recording saying it. Why is that so?

My brother, a peanut, if we peel in it is definitely in it, good or bad taste that it depends on the peeling choose peanuts.
Brother, there are peanuts in it, let alone / commodity (Sunda) Creed it is certain more enjoyable, even makes people who would be stunned if you already know the ISI of the two sentences of this Islamic Creed.

... ... My brother, if we already know the contents of Creed, means the beginning we headed makhrifatullah
... ... Want to know what's Creed, God willing, waiting for the next article. If GOD Almighty. Will surely bless written, perhaps it will be read directly by the brethren without writing, because GOD Most Gracious and Most Merciful.
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Polygamy, in the opinion of many, is a husband married more than one woman. the observations made by experts, it turns out they (the husbands) who have more wives than one woman, many found significant problems.

The problems that often put forward, among others:
1. economic factors (financial):
this factor is much happens after a husband is married to wife to 2
ff. approximately 6 months of walking.
2. time factor (the division of the visit):
This factor will occur after the first wife and he knew it
have been aware for polygamy. usually between 2-3 months of marriage.
3. factor of rights (rights division):
These factors are also a lot of the problem, which can be up to
to the courts, could occur between 6-12 months of marriage.

There is some problem-solving in accordance with that recommended by the religion, the example
by the religion of Islam, among others:
1. a husband who want polygamy should really know the rules of polygamy
in line with recommendations in the Qur'an.
2. in terms of revenue sharing a husband should be transparent to his wife
(Never giving the income derived ekonimi to wifes
of work that is not kosher)
3. distribution rights of any wife, must be submitted before they will be married wife
4. time, should be discussed with the wives and families.
5. many prayed and pleaded for a polygamous husband to Allah,
for her wedding to get keridhoan essential.
6. Marry under the rules and the government

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Dalil-Dalil berasal dari Al-Hadist, diantaranya :
Sabda Rosululloh shollallohu ‘alaihi wa sallam, “Tidakkah kalian percaya padaku sedangkan aku adalah kepercayaan Yang berada di atas langit. Datang kepadaku wahyu dari langit di waktu pagi dan petang.” (HR. Bukhori-Muslim).

Juga bersabda, “Orang-orang yang penyayang akan disayangi oleh Yang Maha Rahman, sayangilah siapa saja yang ada di bumi niscaya kalian akan disayangi oleh Yang berada di atas langit.” (HR Abu Dawud dan Tirmidzi, dishahihkan oleh Imam Al-Albani). Dan …..

Rosul bertanya kepada budak perempuan itu, ‘Dimanakah Alloh?’ Jawab budak perempuan, ‘Di atas langit’ Beliau bertanya lagi, Siapakah aku? Jawab budak perempuan, ‘Engkau adalah Rosululloh’, Beliau bersabda, ‘Merdekakan dia! Karena sesungguhnya dia seorang mu’minah (perempuan yang beriman)’.” (HR. Muslim dan lainnya)

Dalil-Dalil Al Qur’an

Alloh Subhanahu wa Ta’ala berfirman, “ Yang Maha Pemurah, Yang bersemayam di atas ‘Arsy.” (Thoha: 5). Dan pada enam tempat dalam Al-Qur’an, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala juga berfirman, “Kemudian Dia Istiwa’ (bersemayam) di atas ‘Arsy.” (Al-A’raf: 54). ‘Arsy adalah makhluk Alloh yang paling tinggi berada di atas tujuh langit dan sangat besar sekali sebagaimana diterangkan Ibnu Abbas, “Dan ‘Arsy tidak seorang pun dapat mengukur berapa besarnya.” (Dikeluarkan oleh Imam Ibnu Khuzaimah, sanadnya Shahih).


Menurut Al-Qur’an dan Al- Hadist di atas, disebutkan Allah Berada dan bersemayam di atas arsy, tetapi sangat sayangnya dari zaman ke zaman hingga kini tidak seorangpun mampu menerangkan keberadaan Arsy itu, padahal itu kabar atau informasi yang sangat penting khususnya bagi umat manusia, dan kenapa sangan penting ?,

sebab Inalillahi wa inailahi rojiun( “ berasal dari Allah kembali pula pada Allah “ ).

Hal inilah yang perlu kita ingat : Apa mungkin orang tidak tahu Arsy sekaligus tidak tahu kepada Penciptanya ( ALLAH ),biasa kembali ke pada Allah yang bersemayam di Arsy itu, jawabnya PASTI NYASAR JAUH.

Jangan kan ke Arsy, kalau seseorang mau pergi ke Jakarta, tetapi dia tidak tahu sama sekali Jakarta bahkan Petanya juga tidak tahu, maka niscaya orang tersebut tidak akan sampai pada tujuan nya yaitu Jakarta, dan sudah pasti Kesasar, tetapi diakan bisanya sampai, jika :

1. Dia bertanya

2. Dia mencari

3. Dia Bertekad

Hal seperti diatas itu, yang tidak tahu Pulang/Pergi kepada ALLAH SWT.

Maka dari itu, agar kita tidak terlalu jauh mencari Pencipta KITA, coba kita kaji ulang sebagian surat Az-zukhruf ayat 86.Dan sembahan-sembahan yang mereka sembah selain Allah tidak dapat memberi syafa'at; akan tetapi (orang yang dapat memberi syafa'at ialah) orang yang mengakui Syahadat yang hak (tauhid) serta mereka meyakini dan mengetahui (nya)., juga sebagian Surat Al-Hadid ayat 4. Dia mengetahui apa yang masuk ke dalam bumi dan apa yang keluar daripadanya dan apa yang turun dari langit dan apa yang naik kepada-Nya [1454]. Dan Dia bersama kamu di mama saja kamu berada. Dan Allah Maha Melihat apa yang kamu kerjakan.

Dan Banyak lagi surat-surat di dalam Al-Quran yang sahabat biasa cari, yang menyatakan bahwa Allah itu tidak jauh dari Kita. Sahabatku marilah kita mulai : Bertanya, Bertekad dan Mencari, sampai titik darah penghabisan untuk biasa mengetahui, mengenal dan pulang kepada ALLAh SWT, Insya Allah pasti terlaksana Sesuai dengan Dalil Al-Qur’an Surat Al-Isyiqaaq ayat 6. Hai manusia, sesungguhnya kamu telah bekerja dengan sungguh-sungguh menuju Tuhanmu, maka pasti kamu akan menemui-Nya.

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